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Hot/Cold Rolled 904L Stainless Steel Sheet

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904L super austenitic stainless steel is a stainless steel with low carbon content, high nickel and molybdenum content. It was developed by the French company H·S using proprietary materials. The steel has excellent properties such as the ability to undergo an activation-passivation transition, excellent corrosion resistance and good resistance to non-oxidizing acids such as sulfuric, acetic, formic and phosphoric acids. It also exhibits good resistance to pitting corrosion in neutral chloride ion environments, as well as resistance to crevice corrosion and stress corrosion.  904L steel is suitable for use in sulfuric acid of various concentrations below 70°C, and can withstand acetic acid of any concentration and temperature under normal pressure. In addition, it exhibits excellent corrosion resistance in mixed acid environments containing formic and acetic acids.

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Chemical Composition

Grade Fe Ni Cr Mo Cu Mn≤ P≤ S≤ C≤
904L Margin 23-28% 19-23% 4-5% 1-2% 2.00% 0.045% 0.035% 0.02%

Density of Density

The density of stainless steel 904L is 8.0g /cm3.


Physical Property

σb≥520Mpa    δ≥35%

Specifications of Stainless Steel Sheet

Standard ASTM, JIS, DIN, AISI, KS, EN...
Surface Finish No. 1, No. 4, No. 8, HL, 2B, BA, Mirror...
Specification Thickness 0.3-120mm
  Width*Length 1000 x2000, 1219x2438, 1500x3000, 1800x6000, 2000x6000mm
Payment Term T/T, L/C
Package Export standard package or as your requirements
Deliver Time 7-10 working days
MOQ 1 Ton

Surface Finish of Stainless Steel Sheet

Surface Finish Definition Application
No.1 After the hot rolling stage, the surface is prepared by heat treatment and pickling or similar processes to achieve the desired finish. Chemical tank, pipe
2B The desired gloss can be achieved by heat treating, pickling or similar treatment of the material after cold rolling followed by another round of cold rolling. Medical equipment, Food industry, Construction material, Kitchen utensils.
No.4 The finishing process consists of polishing the material with abrasives specified in JIS R6001, ranging in grit size from No. 150 to No. 180. Kitchen utensils, Electric equipment, Building construction.
Hairline Final polishing is done using an appropriately sized abrasive to achieve a consistent, continuous, streak-free finish. Building Construction.
BA/8K Mirror Bright heat treated material after cold rolling. Kitchen utensils, Electric equipment, Building const


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